Shepherds for the Savior
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!" -Isaiah 52:7

The Bible Project

A portion of our annual budget is set aside to provide bibles to ministries worldwide.  If your ministry has a need for Bibles, please contact our office providing how many you need, if you have a local source for them, and the cost.  We fill as many needs for Bibles as we can based on the funds available.



Disaster Program 

A portion of our annual budget is set aside to support disaster relief around the world. Contact our office if you would like more information.


The Candy Roll Mission Project

The Candy Roll Mission Project is a growing ministry where many groups and individuals help make candy rolls that are used as a witnessing tool for children in Mexico. We also collect small stuffed animals to distribute. We deliver these small gifts to the border of Mexico every December to pastors and missionaries. Then they distribute them throughout Mexico, as far as Mexico City and Vera Cruz. The pastors give these gifts to the children that attend church services. Some of the parents and children come to church services just to get a candy roll. Many people are hearing about Jesus using this simple but powerful project.


Here is a 2014 report from one of our Mexican Pastors who takes candy rolls deep into Mexico,showing the fruit from this simple, but powerful witnessing tool:

  Report  ReyesReport


What is a Candy Roll?


A candy roll is a clean, empty toilet paper core filled with 10 pieces of hard wrapped candy and covered in wrapping paper. You make it by cutting squares of paper to cover the empty toilet paper core. There are various ways to roll. Basically you lay a core on a square of paper, wrap the paper around the core, fold and tape to close one end, put 10 pieces of candy inside the open end, then fold and tape the other end. Some people tie each end with ribbon to look like a Chinese popper.




Guidelines on making candy rolls


  1. If you are saving empty cores, please make sure there is no trash included with them.

  2. Clean the majority of paper from the cores.

  3. Cut paper to just fit around the core. Adjust if you plan to tie the ends instead of taping them.

  4. Only use hard wrapped candy. Chocolate or caramel may melt.

  5. Do not add toys, money, or any other non-candy items. We want all children to get the same thing.

  6. Put exactly 10 pieces of candy in each one. We want all children to get the same amount.

  7. Don’t tape the bottom of the empty core before wrapping with paper because candy sticks to it.

  8. Don’t use tissue paper because it tears easily.

  9. Count your candy rolls and box in increments of 25, up to 150 in a box. Write the number of candy rolls in each box on the outside. This helps with the total count and the distribution.

  10. Do not add anything else inside the box of candy rolls.



How Can You Help?