Shepherds for the Savior
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!" -Isaiah 52:7




We have had to make adjustments in every area because of the failing economy and the increase in applicants.  The numbers of grants and grant amounts have all been reduced.  Applicants should not budget for a grant because of receiving one in previous years.  The ministry of SFTS is God's, as is your ministry, and He is faithful.  May He, Who is faithful, meet your every need that many will come to know Jesus.           Becky Thompson,                                                                                                                                                                                   Board President


Due to the number of applications we receive, only one grant per year will be awarded to applicants for all grant programs.


Please check the application forms on-line before applying to ensure that you have the most current application.  Read through the requirements carefully.  Only current and complete applications will be considered. All requirements listed on the applications must be fulfilled before consideration. Please contact the office if you have questions about any of our grant programs, or if you have problems accessing the applications.  


Sending applications last minute requiring a signature may delay receipt of them.  The office is open Monday - Friday 7-4, but there is not always someone available to sign and receive packages. We are a small company with few employees.  


We treat all applicants equally.  No board member can give or suggest special privileges for any applicant. The Foundation Manager processes all applications and communicates with applicants via e-mail for a paper trail during the process before they go to the board for review.  The board is not involved in the initial review process.  


We are determined to follow all rules and regulations for the Foundation and yet try not to create such a hard situation that any applicant could not complete the process.  



Ministry Grant Program

Supports Christian 501(c)(3) organizations

Deadlines: 6/15 (Reviewed in August) & 12/15 (Reviewed in February)

(Please note that organizations can only receive one grant per year.)


Ministry Education Grant Program 

Supports Christian students studying for a ministry career

Deadlines: 4/1 & 11/1.  (Reviewed in same month)


Christian Minister/Pastor Grant Program  

Supports Christian ministers & pastors age 65 & over that have a financial need

Deadlines: 6/1 & 12/1.  (Reviewed in the same month)
This personal financial form is required with the application.

Widow/Widower Grant Program 

Supports widows/widowers of deceased Christian pastors that have a financial need

Deadlines: 6/1 & 12/1.   (Reviewed in the same month)
This personal financial form is required with the application.



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